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To Feel

The stirrings in my stomach,

in my chest, and in my head

I don’t think they like me

and it’s because I ignore them.


I pick my class favorites

then shove the rest under my bed.

Hidden where they can’t find me

but I can still hear them.


My students are running wild.

No control

or maybe too much

Do I know where they belong?


They always come back for me

to teach me that they can’t be forgotten

They deserve the right to live,

and I deserve the right to feel.


Growth is not about getting to the highest pedestal

It’s not about becoming that impossible thing

Growth is what you already have

It's what's there inside you now

How you got there

Not how much further you have to go


Growth is the potential you see for yourself

But it’s not some perceived notion from the masses


Growth isn’t about reaching

It’s about releasing

The tension built from the start

Can now ease back from your mind


Growth has taken place

And it cannot be returned

I See You



I fall in love

from scratch.

Then I see

the big yard

and yellow house. 

Flower Woman. 

I am like the plants.

Grounded by my roots,

I sink into the soil.

I stretch my arms out,

For the rain to give me life.

And I can feel the sun rays,

Lifting my spirits higher.

I come to bloom. 

The bees take my pollen,

I let them.

My pedals show my colors,

So soft and fragile.

I seek someone passing by,

Hoping they pick me. 

I become the earth.

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